Outgoing Exchange Students

Why Exchange Program?

  • To learn more about yourself
  • To live in a different geographic environment
  • To experience another college setting
  • To explore a particular academic interest
  • To gain knowledge about a diverse culture
  • To recognize the value of your own culture
  • To form lasting friendships with students from other parts of the world

Reasons to attend Student Exchange Program?

Few experiences challenge and reward you like living and studying in another country. Knowing that the experiences you acquire during your overseas studies will be valuable to your future employers makes it all the more rewarding.

Experience an adventure

Here’s your chance to go through the many wonderful places. You’ll make memories that last a lifetime as you see new places and experience cultures you’ve only read about.

Develop valuable language skills

There is no better way to learn a language than by immersing yourself in it every day. Learn how people on the streets use the language and get to know phrases and expressions from beyond the classroom.

Create a new and improved you

Make lifelong friends, experience a new culture and bust out of the same old routine. Studying abroad is what you make of it, and many make it the time of their lives.

How it Works ?

The Tishk International University has a wide and diverse range of international collaborations with current university partners in Asia, America and Europe. And we are still expanding!

What is my status while on exchange?

Tishk International students are NOT transfer students. They are still students at their home institutions while enrolled at the host school, and are subject to the rules and regulations of both institutions.

Budget for the cost:

Students only need to pay the normal Tishk International tuition fees during their Exchange period overseas. They are not required to pay any tuition fees at the partner university.

However, you are responsible for the other costs involved with going on Exchange program, including but not limited to:

· Visa fees· Accommodation· Insurance (in some countries it is required to purchase the insurance of the host country)· Miscellaneous expenses such as travel, clothes, entertainment

Students must be responsible to ensure that they have the financial means to support their living cost during their Exchange program overseas and some countries require proof of adequate finances upon entry. The cost of living varies from country to country and among different cities in the same country

Who can benefit from International Relations Office?

The students registered in formal education programs of the university and university’s academic staff can benefit from the services.

How students can apply to the Exchange Program?

The students may apply to the IRO unit of his/her university after filling the required form properly. Students can download IRO Application Form in the Tishk International website and get back that form and then will give to the IRO Assistant.

How many times and how long can a student participate in IRO Program?

Students may study abroad for one (minimum) or two (maximum) semesters. Semester periods may be different considering the education systems but the total exchange period cannot exceed one academic year.