Become leading university for quality student engagement and partnerships globally. To be the one stop service center in enhancing student and faculty mobility and curriculum development through global institutional collaborations.

While IRO is doing her job, her contribution of core values these are being a major contributor to the University’s mission of fostering critical thought and responsible global citizenship. Such as IRO is giving a worth to the student’s willingness to step beyond the safety of what they already know.

Additionally, international students and scholars bring to the University’s learning environment. Furthermore, IRO contributes worth of exchange project to the education in all forms, growth experiences, students learning from students, personal development, and transformation.

As a matter of fact, outcomes of IRO contribute to the University’s internationalism, intercultural awareness and communication, diversity and respect for other people and cultures.

Moreover, the exchange students and staff get cultural benefits; tolerance, open- mindedness and forward-thinking, creating world peace one student at a time. Besides, we’re transferring innovation, creativity, flexibility, professionalism, competence, a strong work ethic, teamwork, inclusiveness, mutual respect and community. By the way, it comes through usefulness, humor, fun and optimism with all aspects.


As the International Relations Office (IRO) our mission is to supply the necessary conditions to encourage and consolidate the internationalization of Tishk International University. The next thing is to enhance the profile of the University, internationally, turning it into a center of mobility and establishing its prestige inside and outside of Kurdistan region. Additionally, to create opportunities for our students  to get integrated with our region and the world through searching, developing and sharing the knowledge.