Dr. Jaafer Hussein
Dr. Jaafer HusseinDirector of International Relations Office
International Relationnal Ofiice Coordinator

Faculty Representatives 

Full Name Faculty Email Address
Dr. Tola Faraj Applied Science [email protected]
Dr. Ranj  Nadhim Jalal Dentistry [email protected]
Dr.  Ahmad Hamdy Pharmacy [email protected]
Dr. Rand Basil Alhashimie Engineering [email protected]
Dr. Dara Abdulla Al- Banna Nursing [email protected]
Mr. Aws Yhya Abed Administrative Science and Economics [email protected]
Mr. David Wafula Education [email protected]
Mr. Saifaldin Saad Deanery of Students [email protected]
Ms.Naz Xorshid Law [email protected]

Address and Location

1- Address : 100 Meter Street and Mosul Road, Erbil, KRG, IRAQ

2- Location :