Benefits of Staff Exchange
Exchanges provide benefits for participants and hosts. Participants can gain new skills, motivation, new perspectives and an expanded network, like lifelong cross-cultural relationships. Host properties gain a temporary staff person with different skills and new perspectives; staff at the host property gain additional motivation as they participate in the exchange. While the exchange may be reciprocal, you may also send without hosting or host without sending.

Any staff person from any department is eligible for this program, it could be a chef, director, department head, teacher or anyone who would benefit from exposure to other places in a different environment.

Exchange period
An exchange may be arranged for any time period that is acceptable to the sender and host, but should not exceed the maximum time for a Visitors Permit between the two countries. The exchange should be for a minimum of two weeks and it may be extended up to eight weeks or longer.

Program guidelines
Ensure that there is a conversation between the Coordinators and Departmental Heads of the sending and receiving places prior to the exchange to clarify the objectives of the exchange; to agree on the schedule and to address any financial, language, immigration, medical or other issues. Both parties need to have a full understanding and agreement on how any outstanding issues will be resolved and all issues must be resolved before the exchange begins.

The employer is responsible for the employee’s travel expenses and must continue to pay the employee’s salary during the exchange. The visitor should consider accommodation during the exchange, the host property rarely takes care of the staff member’s lodging and meals. The visitor should also consider taxes, insurances, etc. in the visiting country.
Employer: Travel costs, salary
Employee: Daily allowances, accommodation, insurances, etc.

1. Have a valid passport and visa (if applicable).
2. Speak the language of the visiting country.
3. Write a proposal with clear, written objectives for the exchange.
4. Have an initial meeting with assigned mentor of the visiting country to discuss objectives and scheduling. And have weekly meetings, at least once a week, to discuss progress.
5. Participate fully as a guest member of the host university.
6. When coming back, give a seminar/workshop to demonstrate whether guest has achieved the objectives of the exchange.

The staff who wants to apply for the staff exchange program should fill in the application form( application form )