Application Requirements of International Relations Office

If a student wants to be considered as part of the student exchange program, then s/he should comply with the following requirements:

1- Must be the 2nd and 3rd year student studying in a 4-year program and 2nd, 3rd and 4th year student studying in a 5-year program is eligible to apply.

2-The GPA of the student must be equal or more than 2.

3- The student should fill in the application form( application-form-2022)and submit your application form and the requested documents to the IRO representative of your department before the deadline. Please click here for the relevant representative.

Student Exchange requirements:

1- Acceptance letter from Tishk International University.

2- Acceptance letter from the Host University.

3- Starting the visa application process for the target university.

4- Approval of the accounting office of Tishk International  University.

5- Approval of the Administrative Board of Tishk International  University.