Prof. Cesare Oliviero Rossi from University of Calabria in Italy visited Tishk International University on Monday, June 24, 2019, he warmly welcomed and hosted by the Chairman of the board of trustee and acting president of Tishk International Dr.Idris Hadi and the director of international Relation office Prof.Dr.Ahmet Oztas.

During their meeting they discuss the MoU that Tishk signed with Calabria University to start and build a great collaboration for future benefit for both parties and help the students to participate in programs that both parties according to the signed MoU .and sharing the knowledge, experience, and culture through participating in conferences and the events, Prof. Cesare   was very interesting in Tishk International University events that’s held during the academic year.

Prof. Cesare mentioned that they are ready to initiate exchange programs of knowledge and information as well as the creation of opportunities for further mutual approaches in order to promote academic, cultural, and scientific correlations.

At the end Dr.Idris Hadi give a plaque of appreciation thanked him for his visit