After signing an MoU between Tishk International University and Mutah University on March 28th 2022 in Erbil, Tishk Internal University (TIU) represented by Prof. Dr. Idris Hadi Salih, the Chairman of Board of Trustees; Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Hiwa Banna, the Dean of Faculty of Nursing; Dr. Jaafer Hussein, the Director of International Relations Office; Dr. Dara Abdulla, the Head of Nursing Dept./ Faculty of Nursing; Dr. Tola Faraj, the Head of Medical Analysis/ Faculty of Applied Sciences; Ms. Esra Bayrakdar, the Head of Department of Pharmacy and Dr. Orhan Tug, Head of Mathematics Education Department meets Mutah University represented by Prof. Dr. Marwan S. Mousa, Vice President of Mu’tah University for Research, Planning and Int. Relations; Associate Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Ali Alja’afreh, the Dean of College of Nursing; Prof. Dr. Amin A. Aqel, the Dean of College of Pharmacy; and Prof. Samir Mahgoub, the Assistant Dean for Quality Control/ College of Medicine virtually  on October 12th 2022 at 10:00 AM.

Both parties reassured each other that this is a real opportunity to enhance bilateral relationships and agree to put the signed MoU into action.

The representative of Mutah University extends his readiness to accept the TIU graduate students to pursue their studies in Mutah University, host TIU undergraduate students to spend a semester or even more in the related faculties and welcome the TIU staff through the staff and student exchange program.

Furthermore, Mutah University invited a related researcher or staff of TIU to “The 1st Int. Conf. for Science and Pharmacy” to be held at Mutah University between October 26 – 28th, 2022.

It is worth mentioning that the Mu’tah University is a public university in the Jordanian town of Mu’tah which was founded on 22 March 1981 by the Royal Decree to be a national institution for military and civilian higher education. In addition to the military college, Mu’tah University is divided into 15 main faculties.

In the meeting the key official at both universities presents their faculties, and major achievements in terms of both quantity and quality to each other. The mechanism of the MoU implementation and different areas of collaboration are also discussed.

To conclude both parties confirmed the importance of having opportunities for further mutual approaches to promote academic, cultural and scientific collaboration in the future.