The students Omar Falah Saleem, Ahmed Mahmood Hama Saeed and Ramyar Saleem Rasul Aghader from Tishk International University, Erbil (formerly Tishk International University) appreciate the chance to study at TU Bergakademie Freiberg for one semester.

The students met with the project coordinator Ms Manuela Junghans and with Mr Torsten Mayer, employee at the International Office (IUZ), responsible for exchange students from abroad.

IUZ: What were your first impressions of Freiberg?

Omar Saleem: That the people here are friendly to us and the support from the university is good. We were picked up from the train station and taken to our accommodation. There were no problems with the formalities and we were always informed.

IUZ: Do you like Freiberg and find enough leisure activities?

Omar Saleem: We’re really comfortable here. The people are friendly and helpful. We often go out. We also use the weekends for trips to other German cities.

IUZ: What differences did you notice from studying at your home university in Freiberg?

Ahmed Saeed: There is greater freedom here in the design of studies, for example in the selection of courses. At Tishk University, we have to prove what the timetable dictates.
Omar Saleem: The examination system is also different. Here in Freiberg we learn for a final exam, while in Erbil we have to take several tests during the semester.