Scholas Visit



Title: Football Match in Erbil/KRG/Iraq for Pope Francis Visit
28 February 2021
Aim: To create a peaceful environment to live together for the people from different religions and different ethnic groups using sport activities.
Project Description:
A football match with Scholas Occurrents of Vatican will be organized in Erbil before Pope Francis come to Iraq.
The configuration of football teams among TIU students will be set from different religions and ethnic background.
In the morning on 3rd March 2021 on Wednesday, a training of trainers will be performed by Scholas team coming from Vatican. The football match will be taken place on 3rd March 2021 on Wednesday at 14.00 in TIU Stadium.
Before match starts, an opening ceremony will be held and then, an olive tree will be planted in our campus as symbol of peace and living together. Scholas team will bring a placket from Vatican for this tree as a remembrance of this day and Pope visit to Erbil/Iraq.
The football match will be observed by Scholas team as well. Three observers from Scolas/Vatican are coming from Rome Italy namely Mr. Mario del Verme, Mr. Manuel Deza, and Mr. Saveen Shamasha.
During the match media will be invited to broadcast the messages to the public.
Sincerely yours…

Prof. Dr. Ahmet OZTAS
Director of International Relations Office
Tishk International University, Erbil/Iraq